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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to give you as much information about our firm as possible, to help in your decision of whether to use our services, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we recieve.

1. How much will your review cost, and is there a minimum fee?

There is no charge for our reviews, nor is there a minimum fee. If we don't increase your bottom line, you don't owe a fee.

2. Are we obligated to use your recommendations, or must we pay a fee if we don't use them?

There is no obligation to use our recommendations. There is no fee if you choose not to use them. The only time you incur a fee is when our work results in a tax refund or savings, and only inso far as it goes to your bottom line.

3. State and local taxes seem so straightforward, how can our taxes be overpaid?

This is our most frequently asked question. There are so many reasons that state and local taxes are overpaid, it would be impossible to list them all.  However, in general, taxes are overpaid because tax laws change annually, because new court cases are issued monthly, and because the State Revenue Departments change their interpretations of the published rules and regulations daily.

4. We are a very small company, can your services really make a difference to our bottom line?

YES. Our track record with small companies is outstanding. We have developed several issues that have resulted in substantial recoveries for many small companies. A quick look at our Case Histories will highlight our results with small companies. For additional information, please call our office and ask for a list of small company references.

5. We are a very large firm, does your firm have the resources to conduct a timely, thorough, and professional review for us?

YES. Again, our track record speaks for itself. Please look at our Case Histories and our Client Testimonials. Most tax managers realize that it doesn't take an army of State auditors to come up with significant audit findings, it takes a very bright auditor with good issues. Our strategy is similar. Specifically, we place primary importance on the continuing development of cutting-edge issues.

6. Do your reviews trigger State audits? Why didn't the State Auditors find any overpayments?

No, our reviews do not trigger State audits. However, it is standard procedure if a refund is filed for the refund department of the States to ask us for additional documentation to verify our work. The State Auditor didn't find any overpayments because most State audit programs are not geared to uncover overpayments. As a matter of fact, most companies are satisfied if the auditor gets in and out as quickly as possible.

7. Can Luer & Associates help our company?

If you are browsing through our website because we contacted you, the answer is YES! Over 95% of our clients have overpaid their taxes. We wouldn't be contacting your company unless we were aware of a very strong probability that your company is overpaying its taxes. Even if we didn't contact you, there is still a strong possibiity that your state and local taxes are overpaid.

8. Why should we use Luer & Associates?

Because our goal is to improve your bottom line. Because you don't incur a fee unless we improve your bottom line. Because our services are provided on a risk-free, win-win basis. Because our track record is excellent. Because we have clients across the country that are amazed and impressed with our results. And finally, because you are committed to using the finest consultants in the industry.

9. When can you schedule a review?

We are prepared to schedule a review today!